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Welcome to Small Steps 2 Big Change. I’m Lisa Z., happiness and success coach, author, speaker, master change agent and relentless happiness champion.

I’m here to help you create a life and business you ridiculously love. I will help you transform all the stuff- life, work, and relationships that you power through, put up with and tolerate. Let’s unleash the version of you that’s been hidden away. You know- the woman who smiles so often people want to know her secret. The woman who lights up the room. This might be a self you haven’t seen in decades…before, you know, life. Or maybe you were never that confident badass rebel, but you know she’s in there.

You’re witty, fun, funny, kind, caring, passionate and compassionate. Your friends know it. You’re also soulful and spiritual.

You know you’re meant for more, bigger and definitely different than you have now. You’re meant to make an impact in the world and every day (year) you don’t do it, your soul dies a little bit more. You’re steadfast for everyone else.

Now it’s time to be devoted to you too.

You wanna:

  • be the version of yourself your role models want to have cocktails with.
  • have relationships that light you up and lift you up.
  • do work that sets your soul on fire.
  • be so positive and focused that your life becomes a series of miracle moments.

All while continuing to take great care of your hubs, kids, fur babies, family and friends.

I’ve been where you are. Working in corporate environments that weren’t changing the world and missing all the magic moments with my babies. I’ve been there wishing, wanting and hoping for my big dream to come true. I’d done too many year-end life reviews where I realized I was standing still and another 365 days had gone by. That’s the thing about time, it passes either way.

You’re an empath, a connector and a soulpreneur. You want it all. You want the sparkly life. And, you want to not feel guilty for wanting it.

You’re in the right place.

My soul’s purpose is to inspire your passion and give it clarity, to take the fear out of change, and to help you create a life you crazy love.

Like, whose life is this anyway, kinda love. Know what I’m saying? It takes your breath away a little to think of it. You can feel the vibration of that life. It’s calling to you.

I really believe we can do, be and have whatever our hearts desire. If you even have a glimmer of belief in that too, I can help you get where you want to go.

My passion is helping you find your passion. I will help you get clear about who you want to be and what you want to do and have. We’ll get real about where you are now vs. where you want to be, and what has to change. Then we’ll get going, with a plan of consistent focused small steps and a big leap or two. ‘Cause you want it now. You’ve waited long enough.

It’s your time to shine. So dream big. Then dream bigger. You can have it all.

You have a purpose. Take one small step today.
You are loved. You are lovely. And, YOU ARE ENOUGH.

Hugs and happiness,

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