Funny blog post ideas that came to me while cleaning my room (and not writing).

Ok- I’m giving you a glimpse into my insanity.

  1. What bed cover would I pick if it was just up to me? Immediately followed by,
  2. What bed cover does Oprah have and did Stedman get a “say so” in it?
  3. If the dog wasn’t supervising, I’d probably take a nap. Wait, the dog’s taking a nap.
  4. Keeping things I’ve had for a long time, because I’ve had them for a long time. #makesnosense
  5. Shirts I’ll never wear and other tales of bad fashion or at least bad fit.
  6. Why are there no donuts in the house? Because they’re bad for me. Why do donuts have to be bad for me?
  7. Does wine or coffee go better with cleaning? Duh, wine goes with everything.
  8. What am I settling for and why am I settling for it?
  9. What would I do if I found out I won the lottery, after actually playing the lottery?
  10. What if I throw out everything and give the dust nothing to cling to?
  11. My bedroom needs a water feature.
  12. If I went to Home Depot, would I run into Yard Crashers? How about Bathroom Crashers? Anyone from HGTV?
  13. Does every house have this much dust?
  14. Anything can take all day when you’re easily distracted.
  15. Where’s my decorator? And maybe they have a cleaning crew.

There. I’ve dragged everything off the shelves. Rid myself of an entire garbage bag full of clothes and shoes I no longer wear. Decided to start over with the décor. Yes, my husband’s away for the weekend. I’m sure he’ll like to be surprised. Well, he might not, actually. Like it, that is. This isn’t the kind of stuff I usually write to inspire people but it is testament to the banter that is continuous in my head. It’s always in book titles, blog posts or poems, and humorous when I’m lucky, or drinking. Why did it take a few decades to figure out I’m a writer? Success always leaves clues and passion is actually palpable. What you are meant to be and do is vibrationally different from anything conscious and practical, yet being and doing that will be the most practical decision you’ll ever make.

Just thought I’d share my wacky side. Feel free to share yours. Yes, Tim Shank, it can include a white guy dance.

Hugs and happy Saturday!

Lisa Z.


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