Happiness looks gorgeous on you! Or it would if you could get more of it…

Lasting happiness doesn’t come in a bag, bottle or shoe. You’re searching for something you don’t have but really want by shopping, drinking, eating and binge watching Netflix series and reruns of happy-ending shows and movies you’ve seen a hundred times. A new purse, pair of shoes (or ten) or glass (bottle) of wine makes you feel better for a little while but then it wears off and you have to do it again. You’re no closer to a “you” you honestly love, a partner you adore and who adores you, or work that lights your soul on fire. It’s easier to choose the short run solutions for sure. But then a year goes by, you don’t wear half the stuff you’ve bought and you still feel a yearning for the things you can’t buy or consume.

The inner conversations you have with yourself keep you doing the same things and getting the same results. Your brain craves familiar, whatever it perceives as normal, even if it’s bad or not helpful at all. It’s not your fault.

No one can completely rewire themselves, hold themselves accountable, brainstorm solutions and a plan, and cheer themselves on day after day. That’s what coaches do for you. And that’s why great coaches hire coaches.

I’ve created a life I ridiculously love. I’ve helped family, friends and clients transform themselves, transform their relationships with partners, friends and their children, create businesses that reflect their passion and gifts, and find jobs that meet their ideal criteria.
You’re already spending money and precious time trying to find happiness so it isn’t that you can’t afford a coach or don’t have the time. It’s will you make the commitment to yourself to switch from what isn’t working to what is.

You can do it.

I have a few 1:1 coaching slots open, where I work with you individually by phone or skype 2, 3, or 4 times per month, and for the first time, I’m offering coaching for a monthly fee, in addition to packages.

Let’s talk soon so you can begin to get clear, get real and get going creating a life you ridiculously love.

Book an initial call today! Email me at info@smallsteps2bigchange.com

I’d love to hear what you want and figure out what’s holding you back.

Let’s GET WHAT YOU WANT. I’m right here with you.

Hugs and higher happiness,

Lisa Z.

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Please let my office know about your coaching if available by telephone.

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