You can control what you do with it, how you think about it and the toll it takes on you.

Mistakes we commonly make when things we don’t want show up:

1. Getting sucked into a problem and making it bigger than it really is by focusing on the problem, including lamenting about it with friends and family, not the solution.

2. We make the problem pervasive- making it seem like problems happen more often than they do by recalling other problems we’ve had to deal with.

3. We give the problem more power than it really has by saying affirmations like, “this always happens to me” or dwelling on “why me”.

Keep your energy high by:

1. Focus on the solution, not the problem.

2. Enlist your support system that can help brainstorm the solution and allow you to feel supported through it- not a lamenting session.

3. Remember past challenges that you faced and conquered. How did you do it? What worked then? If you think back over your life, isn’t it true that everything has always worked out for you?

4. Skip the generalizations about problems and focus on how you’re going to handle this one. Challenges happen to everyone, and they always or never happen to no one.

5. Ask for what you need. You don’t have to handle difficult situations alone but don’t rely on others to solve it for you.

6. If the challenge seems to big to deal with, rather than feel overwhelmed, take it apart. What bits of it can you make go away with the least amount of time and effort.

7. If the challenge seems too big to deal with, rather than feel overwhelmed, take it apart. What bits of it can you make go away with the least amount of time and effort.

8. Make a decision about how to solve it and go with it. Don’t put it off or second guess your judgment.

9. Find the good in it. Name at least one positive that came out of the issue you faced and conquered. There’s always at least one.

Old habits are hard to break and it can be difficult not to feel emotional and overwhelmed when challenges happen, especially if you’re facing more than one at a time. You may feel angry and bummed that whatever showed up is happening to you. You just want a break! Focusing on the solution, not taking it personally, and finding the good in it help you stay positive and get it solved. Imagine it practically taking care of itself or at least going away easily and effortlessly with your help. Remember, everything works out for you. Always has.

Hugs and happy Monday!

Lisa Z.
Your Big Change Coach
Author, happiness and success coach,
Creator of the Get What You Want Mindset (for really nice people!)
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