Get What You Want: Get Clear, Get Real & Get Going (A How To Guide for Women Meant for More)



Did you ever feel like you’re some version of yourself you don’t even recognize and not in a good way? Then wonder how you got to that place. And if this is all there is. But as you ask it, you know that it isn’t all there is.

You feel the tug. You’re grateful for what you have, but you are a woman meant for more. Soulful, witty fun, funny creative dreamer.

You need to do what you’re meant to do. It’s time. You need to get clear about whom you want to become and what you want to do and have. Then get real about where you are now versus where you want to be and what must change. Then you will get going, where the cliched rubber meets the road.

That’s how you create a life you ridiculously love, and not one you don’t hate or one you power through, put up with or tolerate.

You have what it takes; we just need to fan that flame. No guilt. No apologies. When you are the most sincere, purposeful version of yourself, everyone wins.

Lisa doesn’t just tell you that if you change your mind, you will change your life. She shows you how to do it. She teaches you how to overcome that old programming that isn’t getting where you want to go. She assures you that the past does not predict the future and that if you feel passionate about something it’s meant for you to do it, have it and become it.

Lisa will show you how to restore a sense of wonder about the world in her candid style complete with light swearing and cocktail references.

How does she know you can do it?

Because, if an ordinary girl from Jersey can do it, so can you.

You just need to set your whole self free. Give yourself permission. The mechanisms of human motivation and change are the same whether you want to find the love of your life, start your own business, excel in your career field, find your tribe, lose weight, get the degree or whatever it is that you want to achieve.

This book is heartwarming narrative and hard-hitting exercises you can do in a few minutes a day. You can tell that Lisa is the real deal and her passion is helping you live a life of hell yeah. Wishing, wanting and hoping for it wasn’t good enough for Cinderella and it won’t change your life either.

Do you want meh? Or do you want more?

If you aren’t the person your role models would want to hang out and have coffee with, you need this book right now.


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