You want to do what you love. Who doesn’t?

The only problem is you have no idea what that is.


You don’t know how to do it – yet.

But you DO know you want a happier life, which includes a you, work and relationships you ridiculously love. You have an image in your mind, but reality isn’t matching up.

I get it. I’ve been there too!

In my hallmark program Get What You Want-The Mindset™: Get Clear, Get Real and Get Going #Getwhatyouwant we address exactly that.

I know how it feels to have a degree and before you’ve made a dent in those student loans, you realize it isn’t your passion.

I know how it feels to be on one career track and then realize your favorite part of the work day is picking out your outfit and shoes or where you’ll go for lunch. And getting home to your dog.

You know in your heart you’re meant to be doing something else and you may or may not have watched enough Oprah and read enough Elizabeth Gilbert to figure it out.

Following your heart isn’t merely something you want, it’s something you need. Not everyone gets that, but I do.

I’ve been where you are. I spent more than a decade finding and following my heart’s desire, which is to teach others how to do just that. I’ve become a master excavator and change agent.

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In Part I of Get What You Want-The Mindset™, we Get Clear…

about who you want to be, what you want to do, why you want to do it and why you need to do it now.

All that in a series of Get Clear short exercises.

You define why you cannot get to another year’s end and still be in the same place. You believe things can be different. The image of you – pissed off or disappointed on the verge of regret- because you haven’t already done the work to get what you want – will help us to move you forward.

In Part II, we Get Real…

about the messages you are telling yourself. We rewire outdated programming and talk about the shit sandwiches we feed ourselves to keep us from feeling our power.

We talk about taking care of ourselves, aligning the “you” in your dreams with the “you” in reality and we rewrite a new story. On pretty paper. And add glitter and a smiley face. Your lovely emerges. And we talk about how to deal with the naysayers, doubters and “prove-it-to-me’s,” including the ones in your head.

In Part III, we Get Going…

building an action plan, defining what you need to do and by when – yes, deadlines. We obliterate obstacles. We tell frustrations to f*ck off. And we celebrate sweet success – even small victories.

You will be hugged (virtually), held accountable and high-fived. You will do the work. You will stand on the mountain and survey all you’ve created. You can do it. I’m right here with you.

And before we even start the Get Clear, Get Real and Get Going process, we have a heart to heart about happiness.

Beyond the obvious, we talk about what science says creates lasting happiness. What we all want is to be happy. Or to be happier. That’s what the change is all about. So we need to make sure you know what really makes you happy.

Happiness is the foundation of creating lasting change versus change that lasts about a month (and then you give up on what you are trying to create). Making any big change involves dealing with the disconnect of where you are compared to where you want to be, creating a manageable plan to get results in a reasonable amount of time, and keep you from succumbing to obstacles, stress, frustration and perceived failure.

Happiness is the vaccine that protects you and bolsters your mental immune system in the face of change. You will weather the downturns and draw more intense satisfaction from what goes right if you are intrinsically happy.
And I’m your happiness guru.

If you aren’t smiling so often people wonder what you’re up to, change one thing or everything.

You don’t have to get to the end of another year and face the wrath of self-directed anger, defeat and disappointment. Again.

Become the you your role models will want to hang out with. Have the you, the work, and the relationships that create a life you ridiculously love.

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You don’t have to drive to work at a job you don’t love focusing on where you will go for lunch or admiring your shoe choice for the day because those are really the only bright spots in your entire f*cking work day. You don’t have to avoid mirrors or social situations because you don’t like you.

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WHAT IS GET WHAT YOU WANT-THE MINDSET™: How to Get Clear, Get Real and Get Going to Create a Life You Ridiculously Love ?

It’s an upcoming book and do-it-yourself workshop, because that’s what the majority of you said you wanted.

Of course, if you want more of me, 1:1 coaching is (almost always!) available.

Be who you want to be, do what you want to do, live a life you crazy love, not merely like, tolerate, dislike but power through or just really f*cking hate. Love is the only thing good enough for you, Gorgeous.

Lessons from my grandmother Rosemary, you never know how many days you get, so make them count. Be the role model you want to be for your kids, friends and family. Take one small step today. I’ll see you in there.


Anyone serious about making changes to become the version of you that you crazy love. The person sitting in a cubicle dreaming of a better job or starting her own company. The person who is an inventor but doesn’t know how to see the process through to get the product to market. The person who wants to lose a shit ton of weight or go back to school. If you have a goal or a dream, this book and workshop are for you.

If you could vomit thinking about another December 31st and you haven’t changed one thing to make yourself happier, this is for you. I have cursed at myself, been depressed, and felt the vibration of regret knocking on my door. I’ve stayed where I didn’t belong way too long. I’ve had that one too many November and December of regret.

This best-selling book and workshop are right for anyone who is ready to take steps, work through old programming, and has even a tiny belief that the future can be much better than the past.

This best-selling book and workshop are for those who don’t simply want to feel fulfilled, but need to feel passion and high levels of satisfaction.

If you want to change one thing or several so you live the life your soul wants –filled with passion, purpose and happiness – they’re for you. No more wasting time.

It’s for those who are more afraid of regret than change.

This workshop is for those who are ready to do the work and RIDICULOUSLY LOVE YOUR LIFE.

Go For IT! I’m right here with you.

The results you get depend on the work you put in it. I give 200 percent toward your happiness and success and want you to do the same. That’s how change happens. The materials are yours forever. This book and workshop are for those of you who feel a calling to become who you want to be, doing what you want to do and creatinga life you ridiculously love.

If you want to stay right where you are, right as you are, with your life right as it is…click away.

If you want to change one thing or change everything…without wasting another day…I’m right here waiting for YOU. The book and workshop are nearly finished…I’m looking for the just right publisher to take it to best seller status with me… but 1 to 1 coaching, me and you can start today.

You’ve already heard about my stellar, butt-kicking signature workshop that will literally stomp the negative messages in your head (shit sandwiches) and show you the magic – happiness and the shiny, lovely, radiant new you that’s been there all the time.

Get What You Want-The Mindset™: Get Clear, Get Real and Get Going #Getwhatyouwant

You can change one thing or everything. I’ll show you how in a way that transforms your dreams to your reality. It’s an integrated approach that prepares you to know intimately what you want, why you want it, why you’re prepared to get it now, how to deal with the naysayers, doubters and prove-it-to me’s,” including the ones in your head, and how to integrate the new you into your old friends and family. The ones you choose to keep anyway.

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