Where the f*ck is my self-esteem?

There is no one certain age when our self-esteem takes a hike. If only it were even ball park predictable, when it will happen, like learning to walk or losing our first tooth. If only parents could anticipate it and guide us through it. Or if it happens as an adult, if we knew in advance and could prepare. It’s more insidious. It sneaks up on us slowly over time and experience. We wake up one day and realize we are not our former selves. We are not as bold, determined, or energetic. We have settled for a partner who is unavailable emotionally, possibly mentally and physically too. We have settled in a job that neither satisfies our need to feel significant nor our prosperity. We are less than we want to be in many ways that show themselves in our weight, our manner of dressing, posture, physical illnesses, shadows around our eyes, an inability to be consistent, a collection of things that give us a false sense of security and a general demeanor of tolerance.

Life piles up on us as time passes. We do the bare essentials of meeting our own human needs, some of which is in maladaptive ways.

It isn’t all bad. There are good things and good times. Nonetheless, your self-esteem seems to have taken a vacation and forgotten to return.

If you’re still breathing, it’s not too late to get it back. It’s in there.

You need a supportive, master excavator and scaffold builder. You need someone to give you permission to grab your self-esteem by the reins and saddle it up. Get back on the horse. I actually don’t know much about riding a horse, but I do know a metric shit ton about self-esteem and what creates enduring happiness.

Feel significant, beautiful, important, lovely, vibrant and maybe even down right sparkly. You are all those things. I’m sure there are even pictures of you at some point in your life to prove it.

Let’s get it back.

This is the foundation to get what you want and to create a life of everyday joy, passion and purpose.

Regret is a mother fucker. It doesn’t suit you.

You are good enough. In fact, you are gorgeous.

I want to be your change agent. I have my bedazzled feather duster ready….let’s get YOU from a life that is somewhat lackluster…to one that is fucking lovely.

You are worthy of a life you ridiculously love.

Ridiculously love? It’s not too much to ask. Insist on it.

In the words of badass fitness guru and master motivator, Shaun T, “Let’s GO!”


Hugs and love.

Lisa Z.

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