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Life has phases. During each phase, we become a slightly different version of ourselves. There are always bits of who we were in high school, who we were as a twenty-something, bits of ourselves from every role we’ve ever had. If you’re lucky you have some of the essence of a child who sees the world as a magical place where a man in a white beard delivers presents to every house on the planet in a day, fairy tales come true and you can become anything you want.

You have been affected by responsibility and changed by your decisions and experiences. You’ve learned how the world works and not all of it has been how you wished, wanted or expected it to be. You let go of magic being real. You stopped reaching for things you don’t think you can get. You settled. You established boundaries and limitations or let someone else set them for you. Your light has dimmed to a tiny flame you can’t even see, except for a glimpse here and there when you need it most, to hang on to your sanity. You don’t hate your life. You’re not completely unhappy. Or maybe you do and you are. Either way, you’ve told yourself this is life.

The image of yourself in your head is big hair, bright eyes, high waisted jeans and Bon Jovi playing in the background. The vision in the mirror is closer to the after effects of a sleep deprivation experiment. Your soul is calling for a reconciliation.

You don’t know how to go in a different direction. So, you stand still.

You wonder how did I get here.

You think about the what ifs. What if I had made different choices along the way? What if I had done things differently or in a different order. The decisions, the college major, the job choices, the partner choices, the decision to not have kids or have kids and when. You question your determination to focus on your career and the things you put off doing.

Then there’s the processing of unexpected life events. Illness, death of a loved one before their time, loss of a job, children who don’t take the path you thought they’d take.

There’s always a spark of your true self in you. It can’t be extinguished and it is fanned occasionally when you take steps in the direction of who you are meant to be. And dimmed when you do not. You can feel the difference. One feels like joy and the other ominous. You power through. You sport a super hero shield and take on each day rather than follow the joy and know it’s never wrong. It’s not enough to follow it, you must look for your life in it. In the moments of bright, cheery, happiness you see who you are meant to be, what you are meant to be doing, who you’re meant to be sharing your life with and what’s worth chasing after.

The new you for the next phase finds clues in the younger you. It gets that funky, vibrant self that had dreams and rehabs it with the polished effects of years of knowledge gained- but only the good stuff. It’s like when you take a vintage jacket and pair it with a rock-n-roll t-shirt and jeans and a classic pair of heels. Add the on-trend bag to show you’ve still got it. And sneak a little blue eyeliner on your lower lids because you can.

When we work together, we’ll peel back layers, hunt for clues and combine dreams and life. We’ll talk about stuff only your journal and childhood best friend would know. Like that you wanted to be an actress. Or a writer. Or a singer. Or a lawyer. That you had a crush on Leif Garret. That you wanted to get married and have kids. How you’ve learned that you love working with kids or animals.

We Get Clear about what you want and who you want to become. We Get Real about where you are now versus where you want to be. Then, best for last, we Get Going to make your dream your reality.

I’m your cheerleader, master excavator, strategist and tough love(r). You’ll become your own fairy godmother. Your wand is waiting.

I have a few slots open for individual coaching sessions where we work together one-to-one. Calls are weekly and you can pay by the month or purchase a package. Email me for more info@smallsteps2bigchange.com.

Get Clear + Get Real + Get Going = Get What You Want
Every single time. The Get What You Want method…It’s predictable the way addition always is. I created Get What You Want® based on my own life experiences and what science says creates success and happiness. You don’t have to wander or wonder…you can take the straightest path to your dreams coming true.

Hello happiness. Hello life you ridiculously love.

What are you waiting for?

Hugs and happiness,

Lisa Z.

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