Sound like you?

*She may have had adverse childhood experiences (narcissistic, cold or absent parent or parents, abuse, neglect) that she has possibly repeated as an adult or she has become the abuser of herself. And wants things to be different and better. This has made her a people pleaser, excessive giver and possibly codependent and as a result narcissists are all around her.
*She is spiritual and may be religious.
*She is searching for happiness, peacefulness and meaning.

*She may have gone through therapy but still battles the demons.

*She wants to have a more fulfilling life doing something she loves.

*She follows Oprah and her guests (authors, spiritual thought leaders)

*She may want to open her own business or has but it isn’t quite successful

*She wants change but doesn’t know how to make it happen on her own or sabotages it.

*She needs encouragement and empowerment from a coach who also feels like a friend, teacher and mentor. She will stay with me for months and then contact me from time to time for situations that arise or to share good news.

*She needs a plan that is doable with her other commitments.

*She needs an unbiased support system.

*She may battle with her weight or health because of her self-esteem and chronic anxiety but she wants to be a fit, healthier version of herself because for her family and herself and because deep down she has more she wants to do.

*She believes things can be different and that she can be happy and successful and is ready to do the work.

*She is intuitive but she doesn’t know it or if she does, she doesn’t fully trust it yet. She is a little woo-woo but also practical.

*She’s smart and in touch with her heart and soul.

*She’s compassionate and either does volunteer work
or is waiting for a moment where it will fit in her schedule.

*She knows there’s something greater she must do.

*She is in a midlife introspection/transition (divorce, self-discovery, transitioning to entrepreneurship, career change, health crisis) or a quarterlife crisis (new parent, doesn’t want to return to work in favor of entrepreneurship, career change)

*And sometimes, she is a he.

These are the women I serve as a coach.

I have a few 1:1 coaching spots available.

Contact me at for more information on how we will work together.

You are worth it.


Lisa Z.

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